Cleanup Crew and your first fish

Cleanup Crew

Cleanup crew refers to any creature that cleans and eats things like algae and other inverts. The most common clean up crew in a tank are small hermit crabs, various types of snails, sea urchins, other types of inverts like bristle worms, starfish and bristle stars, and some kinds of fish.

The cleanup crew helps to get rid of pest algae in the display tank. By doing this, it makes your tank look a lot cleaner without a bunch of algae covering eberything.

There are creatures in the clean up crew that con be so good at getting rid of algae, that even with the worst water chemistry, as long as they are healthy and there is enough, it can leave your tank sparkling clean. (except for the glass, most things don't really go up to the glass and eat algae off of it)

Here is a more detailed list of of the creatures in typical tank clean up crews